Like many businesses, Con Todo Coffee was created by wanting to solve a problem. 

After living in Mexico for five years and documenting our travels throughout Mexico as the Kinetic Kennons, we got pretty accustomed to drinking high quality Mexican coffee on a daily basis.

However, anytime that we would fly back to the United States to see our family for Christmas, we were heavily disappointed to not be able to find Mexican coffee ANYWHERE! How is it that the United States is so close to Mexico, yet the only coffee you can find is from Colombia or Costa Rica? With over 36 million Mexicans living in the United States, that should be a crime!

You do not drink Colombian beer, you do not eat tacos from Argentina, and you should NOT have to drink non-Mexican coffee. Con Todo Coffee was born out of the desire to bring freshly roasted, 100% Mexican coffee straight to your door and we are incredibly proud to do just that!

The true lightbulb moment of inspiration for creating Con Todo Coffee was born at a winery in the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California. As we were touring wineries, getting to know the owners, the workers, and the process of making wine, we thought, "we do not even drink that much wine! Why is it that we know everything about the wine we drink maybe once or twice a month yet we know nothing about the coffee we drink every single day?!"

With Con Todo Coffee, we want to add transparency to your coffee. Not only will you know where it was grown or the bean variety, but we want to share the stories of the people that hand picked your beans and each person that made your coffee possible!

You do not have to settle for Colombian coffee any longer! You can finally drink 100% Mexican coffee that you can be proud of--no matter where you are at!

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