What My Mom Unintentionally Taught Me About Business

Whenever something is “expensive” my mom always says “Man they are proud of their product!”

Until we started Con Todo Coffee I never really stopped to think about that saying and what it meant. But now as a business I get it! Yes, we sell our coffee for much more than what you can buy coffee for at the supermarket...

We ARE proud of our coffee. Yes it costs more than other coffee, but it’s not other coffee. We aren't interesting in selling a cheap product for the cheapest possible price. 

We seek out partnerships with farms that place not only an emphasis on growing high quality coffee, but also that place an emphasis on paying farmers what they deserve. 

Unfortunately, that means the un-roasted coffee that we buy is quite a bit more expensive than lower grade, non-sustainable coffee. 

However, it means that we can sleep at night knowing that while you may have had to pay a few more bucks for your coffee, that Macario didn’t have to pay the price of you buying the cheap stuff. So yeah, we are pretty proud of our coffee. If you're one of the lucky ones that gets it enjoy Con Todo Coffee each morning, we hope you feel proud of it too! 


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