Do You Live Con Todo?

Are you living Con Todo? 

What does it mean to Live Con Todo? 

To do anything "con todo" is to go full out and to give everything you have to everything that you do. 

Too often many of us, ourselves included, are just floating through life waiting for things to happen to us. Living Con Todo is about living intentionally. It is chasing your dreams and being an active participant in your life. It is waking up and realizing that we can either decide what it is we want in life or we can let somebody else will decide for us. 

Living Con Todo is making the hard decision to wake up early to run. 

Living Con Todo is putting your phone down whenever your little girl wants you to play dolls with her. 

Living Con Todo is going to bed early to be fully rested for work the next day. 

Living Con Todo is not ordering extra fries with your meal. 

Living Con Todo is about effort. 

For far too long we had goals and dreams that we never acted on. They were nothing more than pen strokes on a piece of paper. We were too afraid to even take the first step in attempting any of them.

Has this ever happened to you? 

What we have learned in going after our goals and dreams is that it isn’t about achieving the actual goal; it is about stepping into the unknown and going for it! It is giving everything you have in an effort to chase that dream. 

Are you living Con Todo? 

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