Con Todo Coffee Review (Reasons NOT to Buy Con Todo Coffee)

Is Con Todo Coffee good? 

My mom doesn't even drink our coffee...How good could it really be!? 

To be fair, my mom doesn't drink coffee at all, but still! 

We are going to shoot it straight with you, we are extremely biased!

Of course we think our coffee is delicious, it's our business! The owner of Folger's would tell you that their coffee tastes delicious too! But would the owner of Folger's point out all of the reasons not to buy their coffee?

I doubt it.

But that is exactly what we are about to do! 

Reasons not to buy Con Todo Coffee: 

  • It is expensive
  • We only sell coffee as a monthly subscription 
  • We only offer two types of roasts (medium and dark) 
  • And it's expensive 

That's the honest truth. Our coffee isn't cheap, we only offer a monthly subscription, and we only have two types of coffees. 

Why don't we have lower coffee prices? 

1) The coffee beans that we purchase are the highest quality available. We didn't want to buy (and sell) coffee that was just "good enough". We sought out the absolute highest quality coffee we could find in Mexico. That costs us a lot of money. But we are ok with that. Our goal is to bring the very best of Mexico into your home. That's not a corner we are willing to cut. 

2) We give back a portion of our profits to the school at Finca Las Chicharras. We could cut our costs by choosing not to give back to the kids at the farm but we would rather risk not being in business than to not give back to the communities that make our business and your morning cup of coffee possible. 

3) Because we are a small business we don't receive large discounts on supplies (bags, shipping, packaging, etc.) like Amazon or other large corporations do. For example, if we ordered 100,000 coffee bags we would pay significantly less for them than we do only purchasing 1,000-5,000 at a time. If you're looking for cheap, no small business is going to truly be able to compete with the likes of Walmart and Amazon. Think about the cost of cupcakes from a local bakery versus at Walmart? The bakery can only compete on quality. That is our aim. 

If you want cheap coffee, we aren't your people. 


The truth is that there are probably 1,000 reasons not to buy Con Todo Coffee. Maybe you hate watch us on Youtube, maybe you don't drink Mexican coffee, maybe you don't like buying things online, the reasons are endless.

However, if you don't hate us, you love Mexico, you drink coffee, you order things online all of the time, AND you want high quality coffee that is ethically sourced, we think you should give Con Todo Coffee a shot! 



As for only offering two roasts (medium and dark), that is going to change in the near future! ;) 


As for monthly subscriptions, our goal is to offer single purchases as we expand and grow to have more roast styles from different regions of Mexico. 

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