Something Has to Change...

Something Has to Change...

Something has to change…

Everyday more than 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed. 

Yet, a harsh reality lies behind our morning coffee routine: coffee farmers across the world are exploited and taken advantage of.

While large coffee corporations are raking in profits, coffee farmers are left forgotten. The truth of the matter is that your average cup of coffee from your favorite drive thru was likely farmed by exploited workers. 

The way the current industry operates is not only unethical, it’s unsustainable.   

We believe this has to change. 

We need to change. 

We need to be the change. 

We believe that coffee farmers should be paid fair and ethical wages. 

We believe that for-profit businesses have a responsibility to serve their community. 

We believe that people should be prioritized over profits. 

Behind the scenes we have always supported coffee farmers and their families. But, we have not always put them first publicly. To the outside world, we talk more about the Mexicaness of our coffee than we do the importance of coffee farmers such as Macario being paid a fair wage. 

We have fallen into the trap of putting the origin, flavor, quality, and roast level of our coffee ahead of the farmers. While these are all amazing attributes, they do not come first. 

With that, we are making some exciting improvements at Con Todo Coffee!

What’s Next? 

We want to strive to make an even bigger impact. An impact that reaches beyond the farm to families across Mexico. 

Soon we will be partnering with food banks across Mexico. Every bag of coffee that you purchase will not only be supporting farmers and their families, but it will be providing a meal to a family in need. We believe that Con Todo Coffee can create a better mañana not only for you, but for communities in Mexico. Our goal is to serve our community and to create a better mañana, one person at a time. 

We will provide more details whenever we finalize this partnership. 

Big picture, we are on a mission to provide more than 1,000,000 meals for families in need. 

Audacious. But we know that with your help, it’s possible.  

How do we support coffee farmers and their families? 

First, we prioritize cultivating an enduring relationship with our partner farm in Chiapas,  Mexico. By committing to annual purchases, we provide these farmers with a reliable income stream, empowering them to plan and invest in their futures.

Additionally, we pay an above market value price for the coffee beans. This ensures that farmers like Macario and Polo are paid a premium for producing and handpicking high quality coffee. 

Furthermore, we source our coffee directly from the farm, ensuring accountability and integrity at every step of the way. This enables more money to go directly to the farmers and their families and instead of middle men. 

We ensure that the coffee you purchase is produced by farmers that work at a great farm and are paid a fair and ethical wage for their hard work. 

We believe this should be the industry standard and we plan to make it so.  

Also, we are proud to support the school project for children of the farmers. The farm created the school project to provide a safe place for the children of the farmers to learn and play while their parents are working. Without this school, not only would these kids not have a space to learn to read and write, they would likely be working alongside their parents. Needless to say, it's essential for this school not only to exist, but to receive funding each year. With every bag that you purchase you are directly contributing to a better education for these children. 


What about promoting Mexican coffee? 

We started Con Todo Coffee out of a love for Mexico and a desire to bring high quality Mexican coffee to the U.S. That desire has not waivered. Not only has our passion for Mexican coffee increased, but we are more committed than ever to continuing to build our relationship with Finca las Chicharras and farming communities throughout Mexico.

Unfortunately, the longer we have been in the coffee world, the more of the ugly sides of the industry we have seen: poor working conditions for farmers, exploited labor, and underserved communities to name a few of these issues. 

We want to be active in fighting for a better mañana for these farmers and these communities. 

We are extremely excited to finalize the details with our partner food bank and make this new partnership official. 


Hillary and Greg

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