The Truth About Con Todo Coffee...

Here’s the truth about Con Todo Coffee...

Almost none of the decisions we make as a company make any business sense.  While we hope to run a successful business that can pay for our tacos, our ultimate aim is not to maximize profits.

There are a lot of corners being cut in the coffee industry... 

We could purchase lower grade coffee and charge you speciality grade prices for it. Yes people are doing that... 

We could choose not to give back a portion of our profits to the school at the Finca las Chicharras. 

And we don't have to visit the farms ourselves as part of the coffee selection process.

Normally, if a coffee company/roaster wants to purchase coffee, they work with a coffee importer. These importers are essentially middlemen between the farm and the buyers in the US.

We bypassed this process and went directly to the farms ourselves. 

We talk to the farmers oursevles, we inspect the plants ourselves, and we take the social media pictures ourselves. Does that make good business sense? Probably not.

It would be a lot easier for a coffee middleman to send us pictures that they took! 

(Side note: We have even seen pictures that WE took on other coffee company's websites. Don't believe everything you see on the internet!) 

We could certainly cut costs on our shirts. Working with Jorge in Puerto Vallarta doesn’t make business sense. It would be much easier and cheaper to have shirts made from some large print on demand shirt company.

The same can be said of our handmade mugs.

Truth be told, the process of creating our new mugs was pretty long and difficult. All for something that isn’t a very profitable “business venture”.

But the mugs are amazing and that's all we wanted; to put out amazing products that you love and more importantly, that support the artists that made them.  

If you want to buy coffee from a company that makes great business decisions, go to Dunkin' Donuts.

If on the other hand you value quality, farmer first businesses, and artisanal products then you've come to the right place ;) 

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