The Problem with Starbucks

The problem with Starbucks is that is has become the McDonald's of coffee. 

Except it gets even worse. They have become the McDonald's of coffee all the while charging gourmet prices for a non-gourmet product. 

Don’t get us wrong, Starbucks is awesome. The “Third Place” concept that they created has completely changed our cities, our lifestyles, and ultimately our world. 

But they have tricked you. Because their coffee is so expensive, everybody assumes that it must be high quality coffee beans roasted to perfection... they aren't. 

We have seen with our own two eyes where Starbucks buys some of its Mexican coffee. They aren't buying the highest quality available. Which is fine. Expect for the part where they charge you prices that indicate it is the world's best coffee. 

We will readily admit that Starbucks is genius. But the truth is that they are nothing more than a magician pulling a fast one on the audience. It's fascinating!. That is until you realize you're being taken advantage of! 

Starbucks may have started with quality in mind. 

So did McDonalds. 

If your main focus is to drive as much revenue and growth as possible, so much so that you’ll offer silly items like pink drinks, then you are absolutely no longer focused on serving high quality coffee. It’s that simple.

But dang it they have such good Wifi! 

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