How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee (French Press Tutorial)

If you’re going to buy specialty coffee, please don’t make it in an old school coffee maker! 

It’s like cooking a filet mignon in the microwave. It just isn't right! 

There are a thousand ways to prepare coffee, but we will share with you one of our favorite methods that is a relatively simple way to prepare your coffee. 

You’re going to need a french press, a food scale, and a kettle or teapot. 


  • Boil water
  • Weigh 50 grams of coffee
  • Grind coffee to a coarse grind
  • Put grounds in French press
  • Pour 800 grams of boiling water over coffee grounds
  • Wait 4 minutes
  • Stir the grounds a bit, breaking through the crust that forms
  • Wait another 4 minutes
  • Plunge, pour, and enjoy!

We know that you’ll love the flavors you get out of your coffee so much better. Let us know how this works for you!

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