Don't Drink Your Coffee Like This...

Whatever you do, please don't drink your coffee like this...

Would you ever eat a filet mignon in the car on the way to work? Probably not. 

Mostly because who eats a filet mignon at 7 in the morning!? But also because that isn’t something you want to eat on the go.

It is to be savored and enjoyed. 

While we understand that your life can be busy and hectic, please don’t drink Con Todo Coffee, or any specialty coffee for that matter, on the go. 

Drink it while you’re reading the news, contemplating the complexities of space travel, or writing down your day’s to-do list, just don’t rush it. 

Sip it. 

What does it taste like? 

Where did it come from? 

How was it made? 

Who made it? 

Here’s a good analogy for all of our tequila lovers out there… 

Whenever you buy a nice tequila do you shoot it or do you sip it slowly? Why? 

Ok, maybe you don’t drink tequila. 

Would you ever shotgun a craft beer? Probably not. 

Would you ever chug a vintage wine? 

While Con Todo Coffee isn’t a several hundred dollar bottle of a fine wine, I think you get my point.  

So slow down. 

Take your time. 

The entirety of your day might be wild and hectic, but give yourself fifteen minutes of something calm, special, and meaningful each morning. 

Then you can attack your day con todo!

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